Cornier 1757 was born from Roberto Ferrata’s ten-year passion for jewels. As a collector and a merchant, he rediscovered old gold traditions, retrieving and recreating ancient shapes and precious materials fallen into disuse. Today this passion has turned into a meticulous and accurate search of refined, rare and unique materials that often date back to our past, like the roman cornelian stone, the glazes, the eighteenth century ivories or the ancient east gems, precious stones nestled into the magnificent  jewels created by the skilled hands of our master craftsmen.


Cornier 1757 was born in Venice, one of the capitals of Art, in the past – with great artists like Canaletto and Tiepolo – as well as in the present with the Biennale, a showcase for modern artists, both prominent and emerging.

This unique town is the ideal place to inspire the production of art jewels, as it has always been not only a crossroad of cultures and markets, but also a hotbed of artists.

In Venice Cornier 1757 has started a partnerships with artists from all over the world who design and manufacture exclusive jewels, combining art and precious materials.

the COLlECtiON

Cornier 1757 produces original jewels for those who are able to understand the uniqueness of the precious materials that are used, and who appreciate the creativity and the extraordinary abilities of the human mind.

One of the most precious and important collection is:

“the aRt iN the aRt”

Through the collaboration with well-known international artists, Cornier 1757 was able to create innovative collections that turn pieces of art into jewels. All the jewels are marked by the artist and produced as unique pieces or as limited edition.

RabaRama foR CORnieR 1757

Paola Epifani, in the art of Rabarama, is a world famous Italian sculptor. Her multi-year artistic career boasts great successes and exhibitions in all the most beautiful international cities.

In 2017, Rabarama collaborates with Cornier 1757 for the creation of ten Moretti, combining the art of jewelry with her unmistakable shapes and symbols. Thanks to the craftsmanship of Cornier 1757 craftsmen and their passion, coupled with the inspiration of Rabarama, it is now possible to admire unique jewels, characterized by a combination of preciousness and sophistication. Rabarama for Cornier 1757 is one of the highest demonstrations of a collaboration between artists able to elevate the material to the excellence.

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